Last date of application is 25th April 2022.




All good work needs patrons and enthusiasts who share the same passion and dedication just like we do. Education is the best gift that any individual or organization can give to the country and society because it is the education that makes the mind free and the spirit capable of achieving success in life and carrying the message of the nation ahead. Those committed to the job of helping students achieve their dreams include many social service organizations, NGOs, and institutions that are attached to our organization in making magic happen. They provide to us valid and legal funds for distribution among the qualified students and the most deserving amongst them regardless of their caste, creed, or religion. NGOs i.e. Non-Government Organizations are the organizations that are formed for the basic purpose of promoting social work, education, health, medical treatment, social justice, and women's rights, etc. They are neither government-aided nor operated by any government agency nor by any private companies. They are voluntary associations that work for the purpose of overall social justice. We have on our list of contributors many reputed NGO`s who without any second thoughts help us with all our needs.

Along with this, we have the Participating Institutes of MSAT (Primary) and leading educational NGOs which help this organization to provide scholarships to aspiring students for higher education in the engineering field. Along with this they also provide us with technical bits of help by way of supplying kits, books, equipment, higher education enhancement tools, project works, etc which are ultimately made available to the students who use them, for better understanding the course that they are studying and become more refined and informed engineers. Together the passion flows from top to bottom in our pursuit for technical excellence and our motivation to take the nation forward by the means of technology.

Our vision is clear and our mission is to develop India into a technically and scientifically advanced nation that stands apart from the rest of the world. Engineering enhancement is one of our chief focus areas which would contribute to the development of the nation. This sole purpose can be achieved only by promoting education among the masses at a large level. This is unachievable without finances. Therefore, such organizations come to our help of supporting students by providing funds to them in the form of scholarships and we are grateful for their efforts.

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