Last date of application is 25th April 2022.




MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management is a 2-year post-graduate management program focusing on building analytical and managerial skills in the fields of logistics and supply chain. The course caters to a widely-growing field that is becoming essential for companies and markets to survive in today's day and age.

Managers in Logistics and Supply Chain sector are required to ensure that products and services reach to the consumers. They manage all the operations related to the count and supply of the products that an organization deals in. Almost every organization has logistics managers to keep track of the inventory and accounts receivable.

It is an ever-green industry; therefore, it always offers good job opportunities. It also plays an essential role in the economic growth and development of the nation. With the highly developed manufacturing sector of India logistics, supply chain management holds a lot of opportunities.


A career with exceptional prospective fields and challenging roles in a futuristic industry. The financial security, the freedom to relocate, lifelong prospects of learning make this program an ideal career for Business Management enthusiasts.

Students get jobs that provide good returns with annual salary ranging from INR 4,00,000 to INR 8,00,000.

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